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Last update : 11 Apr. 2008
Backup your saves (up to 2000 blocks)
Play any region discs*
Store your favorite games (up to 24MEG) and for play anytime**
Keep your cartridge firmware up to date for upcoming features
Share files with your computer using the Megacart Adaptator***

Cartridge compatible with MegaCD, MegaCD2, SegaCD, SegaCD2,
CDX, Multimega, Megadrive, Megadrive2, Megadrive3,
Genesis, Genesis2, Nomad and 32X.

On 4 Oct. 2007 : Coming soon : Play JAP games on USA Xeye !
On 4 Oct. 2007 : Quick sort your roms to binary, thx Yannosh !
On 11 Apr. 2008 : 100% satisfaction noticed,
no incompatible games reported !****

*: Some discs require a region/frequency mod.
**: Only available if you own the original games
***: Product sold separately
****: Few games do not work, including most of the EA librairy.
A hack on each game would be needed, please contact us if you can help!

Here are the prices for single and bulk ordering (shipping price included).

Cart + box + utility disc*
One Megacart = 70$us -
Pack of two Megacarts = 125$us -

Cart + box + utility disc* + megacart adaptator**
One Megacart = 85$us -
Pack of two Megacarts = 155$us -

Cart + box + utility disc* + megacart adaptator** + cables***
One Megacart = 90$us -
Pack of two Megacarts = 160$us -

One utility disc* = 8$us -
One megacart adaptator** = 25$us -
One megacart adaptator** + cables*** = 30$us -

*Please inform us about your Segacd/Megacd region (JPN,USA or EUR)
so we can deliver an appropriate utility disc.
Some early systems might not read correctly the disc
which is officially not supported for front-loading systems.

**The Megacart adaptator has been validated under Windows XP and 98SE, however we are not responsive of the possible incompatibility with your computer. It requires both printer-cable (switch box extension) and usb-AB-cable (both sold separately).
Your computer port must support EPP mode.
The original MD-PRO computer adaptator can also be used.
***Cables are printer-cable (switch box extension) and usb-AB-cable.
For distributors, please contact us.

The utility disc is the ultimate tool to keep your Megacart content up to date, here is the list of the various packages available for download.
Warning, CD-R are officially not supported for front-loading systems.
Please note that you must own the original games in order to flash them to the cart, please also note that we are not responsible of the possible damages (physical or legal) made with theses packages.

Utility Disc V1.1 - 5MB
Megacart V1.5a bios -
Xeye Fix -
Bios set V1.0 -
Teenage Queen Demo-
Few freeware games -
Download JAP iso - Download USA iso - Download EUR iso

Megacart Adaptator Driver V1.X REVB - 1MB
Printer support -
Show Megacart content -
Send files to Megacart -
Receive backups from Megacart -
Build your own Utility Disc with own ROMs -
Dump 24Meg -
Download File

Megacart bios V1.6 - 0.1MB
Megacart V1.6 bios -
Using misc/dump, dump your own bios! -
Download File

Misc Files and Utilities - XMB
Fix booting problem on JVC Xeye system -
Download File
Convert to .bin, fix checksum and sort all your roms ! -
Download File

In the case you do not find an answer to your question,
don't hesitate to ask at Tototek Megacart Board.

Q. How long it takes to flash a 2MB (16Meg) games using the SegaCD?
A. 16*4=64seconds... It takes more or less
a minute with the actual flashing protocol.

Q. When I try to run a bios or a game with different nationality
than my system, i get an error message, is that normal?

A. Yeah, some games or bioses require your megadrive or genesis to be modified
A Frequency and Region modification should let you run any kind of things.

Q. It is mentioned that we can use a link cable (or comlink)
to communicate with a computer where can I get this cable?

A. This cable isn't implemented yet and mentioned
as "upcoming features". Stay tunned.

Q. Is the Megacart compatible with the Wondermega (VICTOR/SEGA)?
A. The MegaCart wasn't tested on this hardware.
It should work but please wait until it's validated.

Q. Is the Megacart compatible with the Xeye (JVC)?
A. Well, it is. However, you need to keep/place the xeyefix.bin file in
the bank0 (it reduce the free rom area to only 8Meg).
As the xeyefix.bin file can be erased manually, it is highly recommended to have
a working Megacart Adaptater to eventually flash again the xeyefix.bin
For more information, you can still play 24MEG games
on the Xeye but it will erase xeyefix.bin

Q. When I push reset button from the Megacart menu,
it shows black screen or run one game, normal?

A. Yes, you should never press reset button from Megacart's menu.
Doing that will run the first software flashed.

Q. When I use the Megacart Adaptator Driver,
it hang randomly, is that normal?

A. Well, not... However, be sure to don't loose focus on the window
(like opening another software while flashing or put the tool in background).
If the tool appear hanged, please wait few minutes before closing it.

Q. The box indicates its a 32Meg cartridge (4MB),
but it tells I can only flash 24Meg games (3MB), i'm confused...

A. The Megacart total memory is 32Meg, however,
8Megs are used for the system files,
so only 24Meg are available for user flashing.

Q. It seems there are some shortcuts at Megacart startup, can you list them?
A. Yes, hold A and you will get Japan Megacd, hold B for Usa Segacd,
hold C for Eur Megacd, hold Start for your original bios,
hold A+B for your first rom flashed.

Q. When I try to run an Utility Disc, I get an error message, is that normal?
A. Yes and no, be sure to always run the utility disc holding start at megacart
startup (you can eventually add A,B or C for specific regions).

Q. Can Megacart run 32x games?
A. Yes, it can, up to 3MB, SRAM games not supported.

Q. When I run a 32x game, I get nothing or error message.
A. If your 32x & Megadrive aren't moded, you must run 32x games that
are same region than your 32x/Megadrive combo.

Q. Well, I don't want to buy Megacart, I prefer to mod.
my MegaCD with a multibios chip, am I normal?

A. No, you aren't normal, Megacart is 10 times more poweful
than a multibios chip... Moreover, you can use it on all your Mega/SegaCDs.

Q. It is told that Utility Disc and/or CDR aren't officially supported with front-loading systems, what does it mean?
A. Some early systems with front-loading will encounter problem
and lock definitively with our Utility Disc or any other CDR.

Q. Why is the Megacart so expensive?
A. Assuming the quality of the product and the R&D time
it took, it is very cheap, really. Price includes shipping.

Q. Wow, lot of english typos around, I'm very upset... Am I normal?
A. You should take tea, have fun... well, just do something
and come back later, okay? lol.

Packaging shots :

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Here is the list/combo hardware tested with Megacart :

Usa Segacd1 + Usa Genesis1
Usa MegaLD
JVC Xeye (see faq)
Eur Megadrive2 + Eur Megacd2 + Eur 32X
Eur Multimega
Jap Megadrive1 + Jap Megacd1
Usa Genesis2 + Usa Segacd2 + Usa 32x

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