Megacart VX.X Megacarts are the cutting edge products from Evemind and Tototek.
MegaCD, MegaDrive and 32x gaming solutions.

The must-have for any MegaCD owner (especialy), please visit product webpage for more informations and ordering.

-Megacart V1.X (from 70usd)

Flash cartridges For those who want to exclusively play games, and want to play SRAM featured games.

I would advice to use :

-Tototek MDPRO-64M PLUS (105usd)

Of course, be sure to have a compatible computer (that handle EPP printer port mode). Sold with computer adaptater but without usb & printer cables.

Accessories Here is a list of cables/converters for Megadrive:

-Zero tolerance link-cable (15usd)
-Segacd Transfer Suite cable (15usd)
-PSX to MD joypad adaptator (20usd)
-SMS/MARK3 to MD cart adaptator (32usd)